Quba and Co.

Marketing for a fashion company

I've been working for Quba & Co creating new marketing materials.

It's been a fun change from some companies as they initially didn't show me any previous work (aside from what I'd seen on their website). They've been getting me to come up with fresh ideas that are a change from previous work, but with the concept that I come up with as many ideas as possible without getting too attached to any one idea.

An example below was for the christmas day sale. I tried a series of designs including a cartoon like trees and snow.

Quba - Ideas with trees

Then also had a play with Adobe Express and created this design, which turned out to be their favourite.

Quba - Adobe Express play

The following designs show both the email design and home page banner. The main change requested was to change the outline text to solid as it was easier to read.

Quba - Final designs

As the campaign ran for a number of days, some alternatives were created from my designs.

Quba - updates to designs